Rays Pork Rinds

The idea of Ray’s was first conceptualized on a weekend trip home from the mountains of West Virginia. Driving home, the founder and owner, Rachel Phillips and a friend saw a small festival going on, and decided to pull over, mostly because they were hungry! Rachel saw a tent of people who were popping pork rinds right in front of her, and she was amazed!

Growing up in North Eastern, NC (eating pork rinds), but hailing from Maryland, and coming back 20 something years later landing in Baltimore, Rachel thought this was a perfect idea and it fit into an increasingly expanding industry of niche markets and a popular love of pork rinds.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, and spending many weekends as a child driving to the Raleigh farmers markets with her dad, It was only natural, that the JFX, or the Baltimore City farmers market become sort of a haven for Phillips. She spent 4 of her 6 summers living in Maryland working for an organic farmer at JFX, and in the summer of 2017, she, along with the help of many others, took her idea of making made-to-order, pork rinds from a vision, into a reality.

Rays makes popped-to-order pork rinds, tossed with a variety of hand-crafted spices.

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