Meet the Spicers
He is that guy everyone goes to when it comes to cooking at home, for social gatherings to that intimate dinner for two. He has cooked professionally for over 10 years and has been a social chef ever since. He has a passion for cooking with fire & smoke & he is constantly trying out new recipes for people to experience. You can always find him cooking for his family & friends, just hanging out and making great food. He also takes the time to teach others who are willing to learn. He was born & raised in Maryland, growing up on crabs, corn, & Old Bay.  It is with this proud tradition of social cooking, that he carries through to this day. He wanted to start this company so that everyone has the chance to be the best chef they can be!
He brings an excited & passionate culinary background to the mix. This professional chef has been cooking for 19 years, & is a food wizard. It is all about food & flavors with him, never settling to serve a dish until it tastes its best. He is constantly experimenting with new cuisines, masterfully combining spices & ingredients from all over the world. He loves being in his own backyard cooking for friends, but is just as comfortable serving to parties of hundreds.  He will provide you with one of the best dining experiences you have ever had. He has trained quite a few aspiring chefs, jumpstarting them in their careers. He grew up in southern Maryland and fell in love with Annapolis, a place he has yet to leave.
Taking their experience & time tested spice combinations, Luis & Mark have packed their favorite flavors into simple spice rubs that everyone can enjoy using at home.